• Image of WELINGTON IRISH BLACK WARRIOR - Vafancuneo (10'' LP)

No download code is included as our whole catalog is free to download on our bandcamp here: hummusrecords.bandcamp.com

Here's what I know about Welington Irish Black Warrior : these three swiss guys decided one day to start a band instead of working in a watch factory. Suddenly they were walking in the streets with leather shoes and funny hats. Léon got a geometrical tattoo, Bryjnar found a guitar in a flee market and both emptied their pockets to buy steven a drumkit, who said he could "handle" the drums, even though he had never tried before. They quickly and proudly played shows and recorded demotapes, started having friends and girlfriends all around the country and everybody loved them, for they were such lovely and true people. Two noisy giants and a sexy football player looking drummer. We really all believed they would manage at one point to write proper songs and somehow learn how to play their instruments. Well, fuck us all, they never did, they never had to, they had much better plans. Instead of trying to fit anywhere in our music scene, they invented their very own sonic tribe : Hope and Noise.