• Image of The View Electrical - Roseland // 2xLP Gatefold

Release date : march 13th (digital) / march 20th (physical)

62 min of music / 2xLP Gatefold w/ reverside print

First single "Life in Every Breath" http://youtu.be/QpFb3qnACEc

"Yeah I've spent way too much time all by myself" whispers the hyper emotive young man, seated at the very back of the classroom. ROSELAND is the place he has devoted himself to, the never ending indian summer we all dreamt about. ROSELAND is a delicate sonic flower in a classy package of careful production signed by Raphael Bovey (Kruger) and Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna). Synths, strings, orchestral guitars, breathing drums and a million voices in the land of roses. Don't expect it to be all gentle and smooth though, you might be surprised by some weird electronic drones and crushing post-hardcore climaxes. Sadness, despair, hope and joy all next to each other. Life in every breath.


No download code is included as our whole catalog is free to download on our bandcamp