• Image of THE FAWN - Branches 12''LP

Release date : december 12th 2014

Comes in a reverside printed sleeve, PVC bag. Wax available in black or solid white

No download code is included as our whole catalog is free to download on our bandcamp

A solid trunk of musicians bound by the same deep roots.

Branches is a sonic manifesto for The Fawn's anti-stylistic creation process. 4 songs in 4 days, 1 place, 17 artists coming and going. Take a solid trunk of musicians bound by the same deep roots and you can expect the branches to grow by themselves. What really maters is who was there that day and what tools or toys they brought - to shape the sounds, to make it a human record. This fluid and logical result is no less than the sum of everyone's additon to the basic ideas that Nathan Baumann put on the table. Wanna talk about infuences ? Think of a pop music remake of Miles Davis Bitches Brew ; whatever the rules were, what remains in the end of such a hazardous experience is just The Fawn and its talented people creating good music together.


Matthieu Amstutz
Nathan Baumann
Fred Bürki
Guillaume Ducommun
Lionel Gafner
Charlotte Graber
Laurent Güdel
Adrien Guerne
Luc Hess
Louis Jucker
Guillaume Lachat
Pascal Lopinat
Gaspard de la Montagne
Jona Nido
Christoph Noth
Prune Simon-Vermot
Bertrand Vorpe