• Image of KILLBODY TUNING - Hello! Welcome, so far... // Sleevepack CD

Release date : oct. 24th

Sleevepack CD printed on reverse side

No download code is included as our whole catalog is free to download on our bandcamp here: hummusrecords.bandcamp.com

KILLBODY TUNING are about to launch a new post-rock rocket in the big black empty space. These four shiny cosmonauts will travel in your headphones at light speed, sparkling delays and feed-backs along their stellar path. Warning! Some passengers will manage to come back, but some may never want to – their Swiss built instrumental black holes are known to be gentle ones, soft glowing and suspended vortexes you'd love to be caught in forever. "Hello! Welcome, so far..." - they are ready to take off and amaze you from heavy over-driven nebulae to delicate arpeggio orbits. Please fasten your seat belt and turn all your electric devices to the maximum. Hummus wishes you a good flight into their best record to date.

> Recorded by Julien Fehlmann, and Guillaume Boillat, at Bikini Test, La Chaux-de-Fonds, in April 2014
> Mixed by Julien Fehlmann at The Barn, somewhere in the woods, Switzerland
> Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers, Finland. No overdub.
> Artwork by Maga / www.konstmaga.ch
> Picture by Brigitte Ramsayer / www.brigou.ch