• Image of Koqa Beatbox - Nor Will Ever Be // LP
  • Image of Koqa Beatbox - Nor Will Ever Be // LP

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Koqa Beatbox - Nor Will Ever Be // out sept. 30th 2016 on HUMMUS RECORDS

Koqa Beatbox are :
Arthur Henry - Rap/Voice effects/Beatbox
Paul Butscher - Flugelhorn
Félix Fivaz - Drums

Additional musicians :
Luca Jeannerat  - Trombone (1,11)
Julie Demarne - Horn (1,11)

Recorded at Studio Mécanique, La Chaux-de-fonds by Boris Gerber, mixed by Hannes Bieger, Berlin, mastered by Calyx Mastering, Berlin. 
Special Thanks to Boris Gerber for helping us produce the album.

Artwork by Allan Schaller and Gregory Terlikowski, photograph by Gregory Terlikowski.


No download code is included as our whole catalog is free to download on our bandcamp