• Image of HARPE - Everything is Under Control // 12'' LP

HARPE - Everything is Under Control // out may 8th on HUMMUS RECORDS (digital on may 3rd) 2015

Free download - https://hummusrecords.bandcamp.com/album/everything-is-under-control

Everything is under control - except Bertrand Vorpe. Harpe is a trick to hide his entire secret life in his songs. A whole bag of inner fears. His trio formula with trombone and electronics must be a security barrier to keep us and himself at reasonable distance of his haunted pastel voids.Vorpe has somehow decided to keep it on the safe side. To do positive art with intense personal stuff. His new album, though scarily sad, remains listenable for humain beings of normal emotional capacity. Skip the third track and you will be fine. Or keep it for that moment were everything is under control, when your friends are around, when the sun hasn't totally disappeared, when you feel it will come back some day. I hope for his sanity that this is the way Bertrand Vorpe manages to survive to his own music.

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