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Ash is a Robot is a post-hardcore band from Setúbal, Portugal, formed by Cláudio Anibal, Renato Sousa, Francisco Caetano, Gonçalo Santos and Bernardo Pacheco Pereira. Having started in mid-2012, everything just clicked and happened very fast. After touring extensively in our home country as well as Spain, our band, which includes members from several known Portuguese underground acts like Monogono, Ella Palmer, Marte, Porn Sheep Hospital, Beautiful Venom, wants to take the energetic and diverse sound to a broader audience.

This first studio album encloses a mixture of modern post-hardcore and more classic rock and roll, favoring rock riffs over metal. It is truly a record without borders, where each track combines different influences, styles and tastes.

Ash is a Robot live performances have been acclaimed by the Portuguese underground audience and media, with their strong commitment to honoring the quality and energy of the bands that influence their sound (from Refused to King Crimson, Converge to Sparta).

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